The Power of Business Partnerships

First ever blog so here goes….We all need to #Collaboratetoinnovate 

Finding money and equally, “the right support at the right time” to do anything in relation to the development of new products, processes or services can can be a challenge for any business, large or small. Questions such as – How much do I need? What level of financial support is possible? Who can I apply to? What will it cost me? What are the risks? What expertise or Facilites may I need to access?…

To answer some of these, we are bringing together University of Dundee Research & Innovation, Interface – The Knowledge Connaction for Business, Scottish Enterprise SMART R&D team, Business Gateway, InnovateUK KTP and the Centre for Engineering Education Development (CeeD) on 29th October.

It promises to be a great morning and we will report back here on the 30th! watch this space.